GENNY – Home and Office Appliance


Selected as the CES 2019 Awardee for Best of Innovation for Tech for a Better World, and as an Honoree for Best Home Appliance, the GENNY is a perfect fit for your home or office.

The GENNY provides a higher quality of water than current filtration systems based on municipal water lines, eliminating concerns of lead from aging and corroded water pipes and dependency on 5-gallon plastic jugs.

GENNY’s unique air filtration process is designed to operate even in poor environments with high air pollution, circulating clean dry air back into the room. The state-of-the-art, multistage water purification system ensures that the GENNY delivers the highest quality drinking water.

Generating up to 27 liters / 7 gallons of water a day, the GENNY is a more cost effective and efficient solution than bottled water, without the burden of delivery, that can produce water at $.02-.04 per liter.

GENNY: Home and Office Appliance


  • Water generation capacity: up to 27 liters / 7 gallons

  • Integrated water tank with continuous water treatment: 27 liters / 7 gallons

  • Hot and Cold water

  • Cold Water temperature: 54-68°F (5-15°C)

  • Hot water temperature: 185°F (85°C)

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 53cm x 42cm x 130cm / 1.73ft x 1.37ft x 4.3ft

  • Weight: 80kg / 154 lbs

  • Power: 110/220 VAC, 60/50Hz

  • Power consumption: 0.5KW normal operation / 1.8KW during water heating

  • Air filtration: multi-media air filtration cascade

  • Water purification technology: sediment filtration, mineralization, activated carbon and microbiological treatment

About Watergen

Watergen is the innovative answer to the world’s drinking water crisis.

Watergen’s atmospheric water generating technology creates “water-from-air” in an energy efficient, cost effective system. Watergen’s award-winning products deliver large quantities of life sustaining, high quality drinking water.

Since its foundation in 2009, Watergen has gathered together a growing multidisciplinary and award-winning team of experts – many of them with decades of experience in water, environmental, engineering and healthcare.

Every human being deserves the right to have access to clean water

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