Premium Polyurethane Coatings


Silvermere offers the next generation of protective polyurethane coatings delivering the highest protection possible against rust, corrosion, impact and abrasion. Polyurethane is superior to epoxy or fiber coatings due to its chemical bond with the substrate and elasticity allowing the material to stretch without breaking. The material can cover existing cracks creating a permanent seal. Our coatings are available as single-component hand applied, or two-component spray applied.

Our hand-applied coatings can be applied by any qualified contractor, and is brushed on like paint in 1mm thickness at a time, which cures over a period of several hours to a solid, flexible, moisture-proof membrane. It can be pigmented a variety of colors and is ideal for residential concrete roofs, terraces and floors, swimming pools, ponds and other concrete or metal substrates in need of a moisture barrier.

Our spray-applied coatings can be applied to metals, concrete, wood or fiberglass, in any thickness needed, and cure in 20 seconds to form a 100% solid seamless membrane that is bonded to the substrate, airtight, moisture proof, impact abrasion and chemical resistant. It is for serious corrosion-prevention.

The coating forms a virtually indestructible permanent protective barrier that won't corrode, crack, chip, break or peel. It is perfect for commercial floors, roofs, pool decks, truck beds or trailers, above or underground fuel tanks, refrigerated boxes, construction equipment, animal transport floors, ship decks, hulls, underwater pipes or pillars, and any other surfaces that would otherwise rust or corrode from moisture, abrasion or chemicals.

Our coatings can enhance the safety of walking surfaces such as pool decks or docks that otherwise become hazardously slippery when wet, by being applied as a rough, textured, non-slip surface that improves comfort and traction for walking, and will not develop dangerous cracks or chips.

Our coatings can be applied in virtually any color or texture, vastly improving the appearance as well as longevity of the surface. From easy to apply residential urethane coatings, to industrial-grade spray-applied urea coatings for impact, abrasion and chemical resistance, we offer coatings to protect many surfaces from rust and corrosion, eliminating the need for frequent and costly maintenance required by traditional coatings.

Our Sri Lanka office is the exclusive dealership for Rhino Linings polyurethane coatings in Sri Lanka and Maldives, and is very experienced apply protective coatings for fuel containment tanks, hotel swimming pools, concrete roofs, floors and many other industrial applications. Rhino Linings is the largest and most reputable polyurethane coating manufacturer in the world, with over 1,400 dealerships worldwide.

We offer coating services in Sri Lanka and Maldive Islands, and coating materials for qualified contractors around the world who wish to offer their customers premium protective coatings for waterproofing and corrosion prevention, adding value and longevity to building & infrastructure assets.

Corrosion destroys assets and costs billions. Preventing corrosion saves money! Polymer coatings offer permanent solutions for corrosion problems. They add value, durability, strength, longevity, appearance and safety to thousands of products & surfaces in in construction, transportation, mining, marine and many other industries. If your business has any problems with leaking, rusting, cracking or corrosion of any surfaces, please contact us to find out how our protective coatings can permanently solve them.

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