Innovative technology for producing

fresh drinking water

At Watergen, we create water from the largest available resource – the air. Our ground-breaking technology delivers cost, efficiency and reliability benefits while creating fresh, clean, premium-quality drinking water, as pure and natural as the first drop of rain.

Large Scale Water Generator

Watergen’s Large Scale unit is an industrial scale Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG), designed for towns, villages, factories, off-grid settlements and communities.

Generate up to 5,000 liters of clean water everyday

Requiring no infrastructure other than an electricity supply, this plug-and-drink solution is a robust and renewable source of fresh, clean drinking water. It has been designed to meet the needs of villages, factories and off-grid settlements.

GEN–350 Medium Scale Generator

The GEN-350 is a medium scale, and highly mobile water generator aimed for fast and easy deployment at all weather conditions. It is a perfect solution for schools, hospitals, commercial and residential buildings.

Medium-Scale Atmospheric Water Generator Generates up to 900 liters of clean water every day.

Schools, hospitals, commercial and residential buildings and more can now take advantage of their very own on-site renewable water source. Requiring no infrastructure other than an electricity supply, the GEN-350 is a medium-scale mobile water generator, with a daily capacity of 900 liters.

GENNY – Home Appliance

GENNY is small water-from-air generator that provides renewable source of the freshest and healthiest water for your loved ones. Taste nature in its purest form.

Water-from-air, at home or in the office.

Give up those plastic bottle and free up space in the fridge – GENNY gives you fresh, cool water on tap. No plumbing, refills or infrastructure required – simply plug in this small water-from-air generator in your home or office to get up to 27 liters per day. Genny uses a state-of-the art, multi-stage, water purification and circulation system to ensure premium water quality. The system’s robust air filtration process, designed to operate at high air pollution conditions, vents ultra-clean dry air back into the room, making it ideal for families.

Emergency Response Vehicle

Watergen’s Emergency response vehicle (ERV) is a customized heavy-duty truck which securely transports Watergen’s units to provide clean drinking water from air in emergency situations and natural disasters.

Bringing clean, fresh water to the sites of major emergencies and natural disasters.

When an emergency incident or natural disaster strikes, water supplies are often compromised or cut off altogether. Our customized heavy-duty trucks securely transport 600-liter-capacity Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG) units through any terrain, to provide clean drinking water directly to people when they need it most. With the ERV, water is available almost immediately, making this the quickest and easiest solution to implement in cases where time is an issue.

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