High-Performance Skylights & Day Lighting Systems


Daylighting is using natural sunlight to illuminate interior space. Turn off electrical lighting during daytime hours by using our high performance skylights to bring natural sunlight into your facility, filtered of UV and evenly diffused to replace artificial lighting during daylight hours. Natural light from the sun is the highest quality of light, it offers true color rendition allowing colors to show their natural vibrancy, it provides energy for people, and connection to nature. Studies show that humans perform better in natural light than artificial light, improving student test scores, employee productivity and morale.


Daylighting is the most noticeable green feature of a facility, and saves money by reducing electricity for lighting, electricity for AC and maintenance of replacing bulbs and ballasts.

Our daylighting systems are made in USA and installed throughout the world, saving millions of dollars of electricity costs. To discuss energy saving lighting for your facility or for your customers, please contact:

Ryan Heglund
Director of International Sales
Silvermere Group – Lighting Division
1 612 599 0246

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