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LED is the most energy efficient, low-cost and environmentally responsible method of electrical lighting. LED products can replace incandescent bulbs using 90% less energy, HID bulbs with 60% less, and fluorescent bulbs with 50% less. LED also lasts much longer and produces much less heat, reducing maintenance and AC requirement in addition to reducing energy, resulting in 60-90% reduced operating cost.

LED products are suitable for nearly all lighting applications including indoor, outdoor, decorative and security lighting. Silvermere works with leading manufacturers of high-performance energy-saving LED lighting systems, and helps commercial, industrial & municipal properties to effectively transition to LED, in order to improve visibility and reduce operating cost, by specifying the right performance features to optimize energy use while achieving lighting objectives. We can commission custom products to suit specialty lighting applications, and we offer free lighting assessments and economic evaluations to show your potential savings from improved energy efficiency.

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